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Create résumé, conquer interview, transition coaching

Executive and Professional Résumé

My approach to developing a résumé is aligned with my philosophy as a coach. Stimulate creative thinking to open possibilities and build confidence in your abilities. Taking an intentional journey through your career helps you internalize the ‘why’ and crystalizes your direction and path. If you’re looking for more than just a piece of paper, read on.
Create your résumé:
Conquer the interview:
Two 60-minute practice sessions that put you in the interview mindset, challenge you with questions you may be asked, and provide feedback how to refine and sharpen your responses. You will walk away with solid examples that showcase your experience and abilities and the confidence to position yourself as a strong candidate.
When you get the new job, continued coaching through the transition period builds confidence in the new role and enables you to create or refine your strategic 100-day plan (which we probably talked about during the interview preparation phase). Three months of coaching gets you into your role, exposes challenges, and provides tools necessary to succeed in your new environment.
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Services + Bundles

The following services can be purchased individually or as a bundle. My experience as a global leader managing and hiring people over my 20+year career gives you real world experience and advice that helps you through the job-seeking process.

Résumé prep
your résumé
Discover: 1:1 session understanding your motivation & passion
Identify your personal brand
Align your résumé to meet the needs of your role
Refine to identify examples for interview or cover letter
Enhance by crafting a tailored cover letter
Interview prep
the interview
Two 60-minute practice sessions
Solid examples that support you through the interview
Feedback to sharpen responses and showcase you
Builds confidence in your abilities
Transition prep
through transition
3 months of 1:1 coaching
Coaching to create / refine your 100-day strategic plan
Identify and work through challenges
Provide tools to enhance your leadership abilities and skills
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