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Mastering the Art of Leadership Behind the Wheel

The Drive to Lead

Mastering the Art of Leadership Behind the Wheel

Embark on a transformative journey through the pages of "The Drive to Lead: Mastering the art of leadership behind the wheel," where learning to drive in various situations becomes a powerful metaphor for mastering the skills of effective leadership. In this insightful and engaging book, we explore the parallels between learning to drive and cultivating the traits that make exceptional leaders.

Just as a novice driver starts with book knowledge then learns to navigate the road with awareness, adaptability, and a keen sense of direction, leaders must hone their abilities to guide their teams through the twists and turns of challenges. The author draws on real-life experiences, weaving anecdotes from the driver's seat with leadership principles that resonate in the office.

Advanced Praise for The Drive to Lead

"An approachable and informative guide, The Drive to Lead has helped me become just that – a leader that I always wanted to work for."

~Tyler Handfinger,
Program Manager Life Sciences,
<1 year managerial experience

"Highly recommend this book for both new and seasoned leaders.  It provides the detailed fundamentals and a roadmap for a leader to get grounded to help with planning and setting a vision for their team effectively and efficiently."

~Angela Juul,
Senior Director Pharma,
10+ years managerial experience

"The dynamic and action-oriented approach of The Drive to Lead lays a solid foundation for organizations seeking to establish a leadership development program. With its proven lessons applicable across all levels of leadership, this book is an invaluable resource for all leaders!"

~Jeff Temple,
Leadership Consultant,
10 years management experience