Do you ever experience a time in your day where you're just 'meh?' Or maybe you are a bit paralyzed trying to figure out where to start?

Your body is telling you that you need a shift - and do you know what, it doesn't take long at all!

Simple ways to push the reset button (keep in mind where you are for some of them!):

  1. Short burst of physical exercise. Stand up and run in place. Push-ups. Squats. 10-15 seconds should be enough to get that recharge.
  2. Close your eyes and clear your brain for 60seconds. Imagine yourself in your favorite place, or where you'd rather be. An easy way to do this is set the timer on your phone.
  3. Laugh. Watch video clips of funny parts in movies, or comedy acts that get you to dissociate from what you were doing.
  4. Go outside. Fresh air and a change of scenery are always good. Engage your brain by making it a challenge. Find something you've not seen before or that makes you smile.
  5. Phone a friend. Either call or text a friend just to ask how they're doing. Not only does this change your mindset but could make their day as well!

I hear so many people say, ‘that’s just common sense.’ But how many of us actually DO something about it in the moment? When we work under pressure or distracted, we don’t function effectively. If you’d like to see the data, here’s an article that shows small distractions not only impact productivity but also quality. 

The next time you find yourself distracted, unenergized, or just stuck, do one of the five things above (or all if you’re an overachiever!) and see what happens. What do you have to lose?