With all that is going on in the world, how often do we find ourselves distracted by something out of our control? These days, focus seems to be on responses to the global pandemic. Think mask/no mask, shut down businesses, school, or even movement between borders. There are always two sides to the issue claiming their ‘science’ is more accurate than the other. We form our opinions from the information and base our actions on those decisions. Seems reasonable, right? The problem comes when we focus more time than we have or allow our emotions to take over and incapacitate or paralyze us to those things we need to do.

So how do we get things back in balance?

1.    Limit your focus to those things within your control.Expending energy and effort on things that you have no control over is wasteful, and where I find most people operate.

2.    Manage distractions. You know what they are but identify how they distract you and identify ways to limit or control.Recognizing that in today’s world managing distractions can be challenging but it is possible.

3.    Create opportunities for recharge. Make time todo something that recharges you, a hobby, exercise, or reading for example.

4.    Set aside time for ‘self-checks.’ Where is your effort going, and does it align where you want your focus?

5.    Sign up for coaching to go deeper and create a sustainable change. Programs like Sparked Coaching’s “Doing it all in balance” series is a great way to learn from others and experience the power of coaching to bring your life back into balance.

It is a big step to acknowledge and give yourself the latitude that the world is a different place. Be assured that you are not alone and know that you can bring yourself into balance applying the five steps above.