Did you ever have one of those experiences where your brain is operating faster than anything else on your body? I don’t know about you, but it throws me into a complete tailspin. I was trying to do a task which, until this point, had been so simple – write my blog. I have the ideas, and they’re coming fast and furious, but when I try to write about them, my brain doesn’t process fast enough, or I’m not able to provide the context to bring to life how I envision the message, and then nothing gets done. Personally, that frustrates me. I just toss my hands into the air and find ten other things that may not be as pressing but are more energizing or appealing – hence the necessary task doesn’t get done.

It’s kind of funny, because when I step back, I think about how I processed this ‘writer’s block’ looking for solutions. I’d tell myself I don’t have the right topic; therefore, I need more to choose from. Maybe I can double up on the topics – more is better. Does this resonate with any of you?How many times have we heard when something is not going right – throw more people at it, we need a bigger team? In reality, what finally worked for me was to talk to my coach and work through it. It hit me like a brick when I realized that the questions I’d ask a client to help them move past the obstruction were exactly the questions I needed to hear for me to move forward. These questions were simple, yet provided the clarity and direction needed for me to achieve my end.

It’s a generalization that in order to hire an executive or leadership coach, you need a ‘big’ problem. I would challenge this assumption and ask how do you define ‘big’? In my case, I was getting nowhere, and it was consuming a good bit of my time and energy, ultimately making me less productive overall. Professional coaches exist to help you operate at your best, efficiently, and effectively. To be the best leader for your organization or team. Providing balance and focus in your work and personal life. They can even help you overcome a ‘small’ issue that is more draining than it needs to be. If nothing else, I hope I can start to shift the mindset that any time your productivity is impacted, or you want to make sure you’re operating at your best, to consider a professionally certified coach.