Here we are, the end of 2020 – what a year! I would imagine everyone has had some really great memories and some that are painful to remember, and I’m no different. The question is, how will you end 2020 and move into 2021 with a positive attitude? I am a firm believer in having an overarching vision /direction of travel. This simple worksheet can help frame how you define success, what energizes you, and the legacy you’d like to create. So, how does that relate to ending 2020 and moving into 2021 with drive and direction? Put simply, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

If you sum up 2020 in one word, what would it be? Pandemic? Election? Brexit? Pelexit? Reflect on the past 12 months. A good way to do this is to flip through your calendar and look at meetings and events as a reminder. Write down the major events that happened, both positive and negative. Once you have your list, depending how big it is, you may want to prioritize and focus on a few key events, and try to understand how or why the positives worked out the way they did. Were there any actions or steps you took that ensured the outcome? What events happened that facilitated these successful outcomes? Now do the same for the not-so-memorable events, understanding the reasons why things turned out the way they did. See if you can identify trends in both the positive and the negative and write them down.

Now, for 2021, think of things you would like to achieve, both personally and professionally. Brainstorm, nothing should be off limits. When you have that list done, compare it to your personal vision for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do all the activities align in some way with that vision? If not, how are they relevant to requiring your focus?
  2. Are any of the goals you’d like to achieve similar to the events you reviewed in 2020? If so, what can you do to ensure the same outcome (for those positive) or effect one that is different (if negative).
  3. If you had to prioritize, what would be the order?

Now, take your top 1-2 goals for 2021 and write out what needs to happen to succeed at those goals. What lessons from 2020 can you apply to make it successful? How will you hold yourself accountable in tracking and in fulfilling these steps and achieving who you want to be? I focus on helping individuals and teams get the most out of themselves; set up a free 30-minute call to discuss.

What’s the recipe?

  1. Know what you are ending up with – don’t make cookies if you want cake.
  2. Prepare your ingredients, and make sure all are fresh.
  3. Mix the ingredients and follow the process for success.
  4. Monitor throughout the process – keep your eye on the outcome.