I'm not a poet, nor do I play one on TV. I believe the last time I wrote a poem was in grade school and as far as literary acumen, I send any copy I write to my daughter for review and approval! However, this year I am trying to be more reflective and while walking on my farm these words came to mind. Can't promise anything like this will ever happen again, but I was pretty pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy.


From the earliest appearance in the Garden of Eden

To their presence here and now

Standing witness to the passage of time

As sentinels throughout the world.

The scars of their lives born with indifference

Whether carved through the affections of young love,

Emblazoned through the charge of the heavens,

Or broken by the winds or winter storms.

They stand across the ages, beholding life on earth

Experiencing but rarely sharing.

- David Onks, 2022