When is the right time to consider a business / leadership coach?

Anytime you are involved in a transition. Well, that can be any time –yes…but obviously you need to be selective for the right time to bring in a professional coach. I say professional, because these individuals have committed themselves to ethical standards and continuous improvement through a governing body, like the InternationalCoach Federation (ICF).

Coaches create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share your thoughts, aspirations, and concerns. A good coach will also encourage you to identify blockers or concerns which could prevent you from achieving success. They provide a framework for accountability – not to foster an ‘over your shoulder’ box checker, but more to encourage and help you to recognize when you’re stuck or hesitant to pursue completion. 

Coaches create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share your thoughts, aspirations, and concerns.

One thing to keep in mind is that coaching should not be used as an intervention. In cases where your thought is to apply coaching because of a crisis, ask yourself, why is this a crisis? How did it get to this point? In many instances, you’ll find the root cause of the crisis is coming from a manager or someone higher up, rather than the individual themselves. The great thing about the coaching process is that it is a framework that allows you to see your ‘reflection’ in a way you’ve not experienced – how others see you.

What ‘transitions’ might be good opportunities for a professional coach? I’ll list a few:

  • Setting strategy for your company or division.Allowing you to open up your thoughts, determine how your vision would be received, identify roadblocks, and barriers.
  • First management role. Explore the kind of manager you want to be. How to deliver. Delegation and empowerment.
  • Role in a field or area unrelated to what you’ve done before. Help you get up to speed faster, explore ways to gain credibility.
  • Succession planning. How will you leave the organization when you move on? Who is right to continue your vision and then craft their own to move into the next era.

Coaches ask the tough questions to get you to think about the proper sequence of next steps. If you choose, they put your work life into perspective of your whole life – to provide the balance that most(over)achievers neglect.

The impact of coaching on you as an individual will be increased confidence, reflective perspective how you are perceived by others, and an awareness to achieve a balanced life in a confidential, safe environment. Aligning this with a strong learning and development program will enable you to drive toward your goals.