2021 is 25% over – can you believe it? I wanted to do a bit of an accountability blog to see how you’re tracking against your objectives this year. A simple process to follow makes this easier to do. Are those lofty goals you set at the beginning of the year starting to fade, lose their shine, or drop off? Don’t let them go without reflecting on their relevance for your achieving success this year. If you’ve not set goals this year, it’s not too late - here’s a great way to get started crafting your goals. Make the time!

Remember my D3?Dare to be Different and DO is my approach to 2021. Being interviewed for a two-part radio series is about as daring and different as I’ve ever done! It was fun to be able to talk about my business and how I help clients. It challenged me to be able to understand how I bring value to people and their business. Neither of the interviewers had met a coach who integrates the outdoors and farming into their practice like I do. If you’re struggling to find the energy or will to review your goals for the year, think of ways to disrupt your ‘normal’ routine. Get outside, dig in the dirt, or go for a walk and look for something you’ve not seen before.

In the interview I was asked if sharing my passion for working outdoors on the farm was only a source of coaching metaphors, or if there are benefits others could realize. I answered the question that there are advantages to individuals both physically and mentally for getting their hands dirty.

Let’s take a simple look at the science and give some ways to get started and improve your mood!

  • Sunlight. Results from your favorite search engine will show there are many studies that show the positive effect of sunlight on your mood.Increased daylight leads to higher levels of serotonin. There are also studies looking at Mycobacterium vaccae, present in the soil which also increases serotonin. Serotonin plays a crucial role in emotional regulation, sleeping, and digestion among others. People with depression tend to have lower levels of serotonin present.
  • Exercise. This study shows that even 15 minutes a day of running or one hour of walking can reduce the risk of major depression. Start and maintain a flower or vegetable garden.Getting out daily to weed, water, or plant can give you the exercise needed to boost your mood!
  • Learning. There’s evidence that mood affects learning, butI’d hypothesize the opposite too; learning something new improves your mood. This is based on my experience and anecdotal evidence, but what do you think?

Getting outside and actively doing something you’re passionate about can provide the foundation for a more positive outlook and a healthier lifestyle. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are going into Spring -take the opportunity to try something new and different outside.